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in blue Akatsuki(暁)

About in blue Akatsuki(暁)

Opened in April 2015.
A stucco building in a space surrounded by greenery.
Works of art based on nature such as the blue of the sky, the brown of the earth, and the four seasons of Japan, are displayed in our gallery.
Our ancestors engaged in kiln firing from 1647 to 1871 under the supervision of the Arita Sarayama government office of the Nabeshima clan.
At in blue Akatsuki, we have inherited our ancestor's passion for pottery, and we are committed to creating impressive works by pursuing our own unique style, focusing on shapes and glazes.


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Contact Us

3499-6 Hei, Kuromuta, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun,

Saga Prefecture 844-0022



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